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An Independent and Traditional Family Funeral Director    


Before the funeral

Once everything has been organized by our director, we will write to the person designated as the principle contact to confirm the main details about the funeral. If it wasn't given at the time the arrangements were made, we will also provide a written estimate of all the known funeral costs with this letter.


Although we are here to ease the burden as much as possible, there still may remain things for those responsible for the arrangements to do, so we suggest the following list is considered:


     ~     Notify relatives and friends of the deceased about the

           details of the funeral, make sure they know where the

           funeral location is and let them know if flowers may be

           sent or if donations are preferred.


     ~    Arrange for the death to be registered and if issued

          with a 'Green Certificate' deliver this to us as soon as



    ~     Arrange to meet the person conducting the service as

          quickly as possible and think about what needs to be

          said in tribute of the deceased. We provide in our letter

          of confirmation a contact number of the minister or

          celebrant if they haven't been in touch yet.


    ~    Choose those items that were left undecided after the

          meeting with our director (e.g.music, number of

          limousines, etc.).


     ~    Order your own floral tributes if applicable.


     ~    Organise the caterer or hotel for the reception after the

          funeral if this is required.


     ~    Pay your last respects to the deceased with a visit to

          the Chapel of rest, if desired.


     ~    Start to notify government departments, clubs and

          other organisations about the death. For more

          information click on the adjacent link.


     ~     If relatives and friends are planning to follow the

           funeral cortege in their own transport, ask us for maps

           of the route we propose to use to get to the service