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The funeral

Throughout the funeral our director wiil be in attendance to personally supervise the arrangements and to provide guidance on proceedures.

Getting to the Service

We will have advised in our letter of confirmation the approximate time we will arrive at the starting address. Please make sure that everybody gathers in good time and plan who will be travelling in the transport available. Also ensure those following in their own transport are aware of how to get to the service location just in case they loose sight of the main cortege. We can assist with a map of our route if requested in advance.


If mourners are using their own transport to get to the service location, it is prudent to aim to get there with plenty of time to spare.


We always aim to arrive at the service location about 5 to 10 minutes before the service is due to commence in order to allow us the opportunity to check everything is ready and to enable a prompt start.

Entry into the service

Unless it is requested that the coffin is brought into the church or chapel beforehand there are a number of alternatives as to the next procedure.


   ~   All mourners process behind the coffin into the church or


   ~   The coffin is brought into the church or chapel as all the

        mourners stand in their places.

   ~   Only the principal mourners follow the coffin as everybody

       else stands in their places.


It is advisable for the main mourners to decide in advance who is sitting next to whom, so ask the funeral director about the seating arrangements at the location of the service.

Completion of the funeral

After the service has been completed, our director will escort the principal mourners out of the chapel, church or from the graveside to where the floral tribute (if any) will be placed or to their cars, whatever is preferred.


Any limousines will take the designated mourners back to the address they started from or onto the venue of the funeral reception, if there is one, and this would complete their duties on the day.

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