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Pre-arranged funerals and plans

It can be reassuring for some people to make preliminary arrangements about their own funeral in order that their wishes are complied with and to ease the burden on those they leave behind.


For those who wish to make their funeral arrangements in advance, we will maintain a confidential file with all relevant particulars for our reference only. It just remains necessary to inform an executor or near relative to contact us at the appropiate time. Naturally, these arrangements can be altered at any time and we would appreciate being notified of any change in status or residence. We also recommend, if the situation arises, that a nursing home is made aware that you wish ourselves to carry out the funeral.


Payment in advance

By paying for a funeral in advance, you not only have the peace of mind that you can specify exactly what you want, but everything can be paid for at today's prices. This also means when the time comes, family and friends don't have the worry of finding the money to pay for the funeral cost and they know they are complying with your wishes. As a fully independant funeral company we recommend funeral plans by Golden Charter. For more details click on the adjacent link or contact us and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and help you to choose the plan that suits you.