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Registration of the death

Only the following persons are eligible to register the death:

     ~     Any relative (the next-of-kin is preferred)

     ~     Any person present at the death

     ~     An occupant of a care or nursing home where the  

            death occurred

     ~     An official from the hospital where the death took place

     ~     An executor or friend causing the disposal of the body

When to register

When the death is sudden, unexpected or unnatural (including industrial diseases) then it will be referred to the Coroner responsible for the district where the death occurred.  


The Coroner may agree with the deceased's own doctor that they can issue a Medical Cause of Death Certificate, therefore registration can take place as soon as this certificate has been received.


The Coroner will arrange for an examination of the deceased to determine the cause of death and will inform the appropiate Registry Office directly of this information allowing registration to be completed.


The Coroner will arrange for an examination and collect evidence to open an Inquest to determine the cause of death. After the Inquest the Coroner will register the death. An Interim Death Certificate can be requested until this takes place.

Before an appointment is made to visit the Register Office you will need to have in your possession (or at least know that it is ready for collection) the Medical Cause of Death Certificate. This certificate is issued by the deceased's own General Practictioner when the death occurs at a private residence or care home and it is usually available from the surgery during the next working day.


When it is an expected death in hospital then the doctor who was treating the deceased must complete this certificate. Contact the office that deals with bereavement support and the staff will phone when the Medical Cause of Death Certificate is ready for collection.

When the death is expected

Usually a death must be registered within 5 days, unless the Coroner * has to determine the cause of death.

When the death is unexpected or unnatural

* The Coroner is a doctor or solicitor who is responsible for investigating deaths which are sudden, unnatural or uncertain. Also deaths whilst undergoing an operation require referal to the Coroner, as do situations where the deceased has not seen a doctor within the 14 days prior to the death. The Coroner is assisted by Coroner's Officers or by the police who will liase with those responsible for arranging the funeral about the proceedures and when it is possible to register the death.


Certificate for Burial or Cremation (green)

Certified Copy of the Death Certificate (grey)

Certificate of Registration form BD8 (white)

Unless the funeral is to be a cremation and the Coroner has determined the cause of death.

A statutory fee is payable for each copy (which is currently £11.00 at the time of registration) therefore consider how many copies are necessary.

issued where the deceased was in receipt of a Pension or other benefits from the State.

Who can register

Where to register the death

Registration should be at the Registry office for the district where the death occurred.* If this is impractical, then the person who qualifies to do the registration can visit their nearest registry office to carry out a 'death by declaration', but it may take several extra days before any documentation is issued that it necessary before the funeral can take place.


Most Registry offices require an appointment to be made, so telephone as soon as you are advised that the Medical Cause of Death Certificate will be available or when informed by the Coroner's representative. For more information such as addresses and telephone numbers click on the appropiate link to the right.


If you are unsure which Registry Office is applicable, do not hesitate to contact ourselves and we will advise you.

At the Registry Office

The Registrar will require the following information:


~     The Medical Cause of Death Certificate

        (unless the Coroner has determined the cause of death)

~     Full name of the deceased (together with the maiden name

      for a lady and other names they may have been known as)

~     The date and place of death

~     The date and district of birth of the deceased

~     The normal residence of the deceased

~     Deatails of the deceased's spouse (if married)

~     The NHS Medical Card of the deceased (if available)

~     Details of the informant, i.e. the person registering the



Once all the information has been recorded on the Registrar's computer a Death Certificate will be printed off and the informant is asked to sign it as correct. The Registrar will then issue the following:    

* All deaths in Dorset can be registered anywhere in Dorset except  at the Registry Offices in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. Similarly, a death in Hampshire can be registered anywhere except at the Registry Offices in Southampton and Portsmouth.


Deaths in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch can be registered at any Registry Office within the new BPC borough, however appointments for the Christchurch office are made at Poole.


Deaths in the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth should be registered in the respective Registry Offices.

Tell us once

After the registration has been completed, the Registrar will offer the "Tell us once" service which provides the opportunity to notify central and local government departments about the death. You will need the deceased's National Insurance number to enable this to proceed and if applicable their passport and driver's licence details as well.