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An Independent and Traditional Family Funeral Director    


The first steps


Should the death occur at a private residence or somewhere like a care home, then a doctor or a person of suitable authority will have to confirm the death before we are able to arrange for the transfer of the deceased to our premises. Please contact us after the death has been confirmed and we will arrange for the deceased to be taken to our chapels of rest as soon as possible,

Death at a Private Residence or Care Home


Death in a Hospital or those referred to the Coroner


Should it be necessary for the Coroner* to arrange for the removal of the deceased or if the death is at a hospital, please do not hesitate to telephone us between 8.00am and 9.00pm, even over a weekend or bank holiday. We can usually advise you of what procedures happen next and we will liase with the Coroner or hospital at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the deceased can be released to our care as quickly as possible.


*A death is reported to the Coroner by a doctor, the police or by the registrar if any of the following circumstances apply:


      The deceased was not treated by a

      doctor during the last illness or has not

     been seen by the doctor in the 14 days

     preceeding death.


      The death was unnatural caused by an

      accident, violent or suspicious



      The cause of death is uncertain.


      The deceased was undergoing an



      The death was caused by an industrial


What to do first depends on where the death has occurred and whether the Coroner* needs to be informed.

During your initial contact with ourselves there will be certain information that we will need to know. To help prepare you for what we are about to ask, we have listed the information needed below:


     ~     The full names of the deceased.

     ~     The place where they have died.

     ~     The name of the next of kin, executor or person responsible

            for the funeral arrangements.

     ~     Their address and telephone number.

     ~     Their relationship, if any, to the deceased.

     ~     Whether the type of funeral is to be either burial or cremation.


       Don't worry if this is not known yet. We appreciate that further

        consultation with other members of the family or a check on

       what has been specified in a Will may be necessary.


Please also let us know if there are any special cicumstances that apply, such as if the deceased weighs above 15 stone (95Kg)  


There are also some further particulars which, although not essential at this stage, will assist us:


     ~     The date of birth of the deceased.

     ~     The marital status of the deceased.

     ~     The General Practioner of the deceased.

     ~     Any specific religious requirements, such as if a particular

            minister or church is wanted.

     ~     If there are any date and time considerations, such as dates

            family are not able to attend or whether mourners need a

            particular time of day to suit travel arrangements.

     ~     Whether there is a pre-paid funeral plan in existence.

     ~     Have we carried out funerals for relatives in the past?

     ~     Please let us know if there could be any financial difficulties

           with paying for the funeral.*






What we need to know

* If the deceased did not leave sufficient funds then those making the arrangements must be prepared to pay the funeral costs. If there is a problem  you need to let us know, then we can advise you of what possible courses of action are available. Please note that a grant from the Social Fund is dependant on a number of conditions being satisfied, and even if they agree with a claim they will only pay for a part of the funeral cost. For more information about the Social Fund use the link below.