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Following a cremation you will need to consider what you would like to happen to the ashes. They can be left for a short time at the Crematorium, but if you feel that you don't want to be pressurised into making a decision so soon after the funeral, we are happy to hold onto them ourselves for up to a year or longer if necessary.


After the cremation the Crematorium will contact you with the options they provide.  If you select one of these options,  you can either make all arrangements through us or make your arrangements direct with the Crematorium.


When we receive the ashes from the crematorium they are usually in a plastic container with a screwed lid, which although not attractive is ideal for scattering the ashes privately in a place of special significance to the deceased. Alternatively, a decorated cardboard tube can purchased for this purpose (example on the right)


There may be an existing family grave in which it may be possible to   inter the ashes. We are happy to investigate using such a grave and advise you of any further costs, but bear in mind that permission must be obtained from the grave owner and also this is only feasable if there are to be no further full interments in that grave.


New grave plots suitable for a pair of ashes caskets may be available in some cemeteries and churchyards or private woodland burial grounds.

Ashes are normally buried in a casket or urn, or if preferred in some churchyards simply poured into a small grave loose. A selection of caskets and urns can be found by clicking the right-hand link.


Some people are quite happy to keep the ashes at home and may wish to purchase a decorative urn or casket. A few of the companies which supply these urns or caskets together with keepsake jewellery can be found on the adjacent links. We do not charge for transfering the ashes into an urn or casket, but should you wish us to order the urn on your behalf,  there will be a handling charge for this.

Other options

Ashes can be sent to destinations elsewhere in the United Kingdom or abroad and we can assist with this if required. Some countries have strict regulations about receiving ashes and these will have to be complied with before they are dispatched.



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