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Burial or Cremation?

Type of funeral

Burial on the other hand is dependant on whether a grave is available. If a new grave is required in a churchyard then these are usually only allowed if the deceased resided in the parish or was an active church member. New graves in cemeteries run by local authorities usually incur additional charges if the deceased does not qualify as being a current resident. Another option is a new grave in a Woodland cemetery run by private companies and a list of local sites can be found by using the adjacent link.


If an existing grave is required to be opened*, it is essential that there is sufficient depth for a further interment to take place and that permission from the current grave owner is obtained, if applicable.


Although burial might be a more expensive option when compared to cremation, it does provide a permanent place for those to visit and remember the loved one who has passed. For this reason, if a new grave is required, we recommend that a visit is made to the cemetery or churchyard before any firm arrangements are made in order to be sure that the proposed position of the grave is satisfactory, or to select the grave, if this is possible.

If uncertain whether it is a burial or cremation that is required, we will advise what options are available and the costs involved to help assist with the choice.


Generally, providing no close relative or executor objects to cremation, this can take place at any crematorium in this country.


Locally, we have the choice of either Bournemouth or Poole Crematorium and it may be well worth visiting them beforehand to help assist in deciding which one is preferred. However, if the service venue is elsewhere, it is sometimes more benefical if no one attends the crematorium as this allows more flexibility with the date and time of the main service and avoids additional travelling for the mourners.


After the cremation you will be required to make a further decision at some stage to determine whether the ashes are to be scattered, buried or kept by the family. Use the adjacent link for more information.


         *We will need to know the following:


          The Cemetery or Churchyard

          The grave number (if known)

          The name of the last person in the grave

          The date of the last interment

          The name and contact details for the

           grave owner (if applicable)

          Whether there is an existing memorial

           and is there a specific stonemason

           you want to remove it.