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By this, we mean the choice of where you wish to follow the coffin from. Generally, the deceased is transferred from the place of death to our premises where they remain in our care until the day of the funeral. If the coffin is taken into the deceased's home or taken into a church overnight (which is sometimes the practice of the Roman Catholic Church or some 'high' Church of England churches) then obviously the funeral will commence from that place, otherwise a decision has to be made from the following choices:

From our Chapels of Rest

It may be wished to accompany the deceased for the complete journey from our Chapels of Rest to the service venue. This may be combined with a last viewing of the deceased providing we are notified beforehand of this because we normally close the coffin and prepare for the funeral about an hour prior to the time the hearse needs to leave our premises. Any viewing must be finished 15 minutes before we are due to leave.


It may be decided to use our limousines to convey the principle mourners to the service, in which case they should gather at our appropiate office approximately ten minutes before the leaving time which we will have advised in our 'letter of confirmation' or we can collect them from any local private address. If mourners are using their own transport then they need to make their presence known to our funeral director in charge and check they are aware of the route we are taking.

From a private address

It may be requested that the deceased leaves from their own residence or other meaningful place for the last time. We will advise by letter the approximate time the hearse will arrive (with any limousines if ordered) at this private address.  All mourners will need to be ready and if they are using their own transport they will need to know where they are going and the route. We can assist with maps or directions of the route providing we are made aware of this at least the day before.

Meet at the Church, Crematorium or Cemetery

It may be preferred and easier if mourners are travelling from serveral different locations for everybody to meet at the service location and the hearse will go directly there. Plan for everybody to arrive there about 15 minutes before the commencement time unless we are providing limousines, in which case they will meet the hearse at the venue.

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