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Visiting the deceased

We normally dress the deceased in a gown which complements the interior of the coffin selected, however should it be wished that they are dressed in their own clothes we are happy to do this subject to there being no health and safety concerns and that there are no environmental issues with the items supplied if the funeral is to be a cremation.

Included in our 'traditional service' and available for an additional cost with the 'simple service' is the option to visit and view the deceased in our private chapels of rest at either our Bournemouth or Bransgore offices.


This is, of course, subject to the wishes of the deceased and the views of the nearest relatives who may instruct that the coffin is closed and no viewing is permitted.


There are a few occasions when viewing the deceased may not be advisable and we would recommend a closed coffin. If this situation arises then those persons wishing to pay their final respects can sit with the closed coffin in the chapel.


Care of the deceased

Part of our preparation before the deceased can be viewed is the carrying out of Hygienic Treatment. This is preformed by a qualified embalmer with care and dignity and helps delay the natural changes which occur after death. It also achieves a peaceful and often consoling remembrance for those who wish to view the deceased.

Clothes for the deceased

Taking the coffin home

Occasionally we are asked if it possible for the deceased to be laid to rest in their own private residence. This can be arranged providing that there is adequate access to the intended room which should be located on the ground floor. Our funeral director will visit the residence to advise on the practicality if the situation demands. This is only available with our 'traditional service' but there is no additional charge providing that the coffin is taken home during normal working hours.